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by on November 25, 2014


Ok. You have obviously  come to this page because you have been wondering about HCG and possibly HCG ultra diet drops in particular right? I have collected information that you might consider useful in allowing you to decide whether or not HCG Ultra is for you. I have hunted around the forums and other more independent places to see if I could find truly independent HCG ultra diet drops reviews and what follows is a flavor of what I found. For more information on hcg generally then you should see my post about hcg diet drops

What is HCG Ultra?

Firstly you may be wondering about the difference between HCG as prescribed by the doctor and homeopathic HCG. This member of a forum certainly was:
“HCG diet is a diet method that requires liquid HCG maintenance. Some dieters use HCG injections and other utilize HCG drops. I found out that most of the HCG dieters prefer HCG diet drops. Is HCG drops more effective than HCG injections?”

bear bobo HCG diet community

There were a variety of responses including one that I quote in full as it does seem to sum up what many were saying
“It is down to the individual and what is best for them. HCG drops are less expensive and you’re utilizing your own willpower to stay on protocol and through the phases to maintain your weight. When you get shots you are going to a doctor and they are monitoring you during your protocol and afterward to help you as well as do the injections and it is way more expensive than getting the drops and doing this on your own. It really is an individual choice and how much you can afford. I’m happy that I’ve been able to do this on my own and at my own pace and a lot cheaper than any of the other unsuccessful diets or pills that I’ve tried. Thank goodness!”

monkey66 HCGdietcommunity

What does it taste like?

One issue raised has been the taste. Some reviews did suggest that the taste left a little bit to be desired, whereas others felt a bit of a momentary nasty taste was a small price to pay.

“I just squirt under tongue and forget it
I have learned to make sure i have extra dry mouth before i take them so the absorb faster..
i just think for the short time they are actually in my mouth compared to the life time of being in better shape.. is worth the mild discomfort”


Is HCG Ultra Expensive?

Some  worried about the expense of homeopathic HCG drops

“I’m currently unemployed so things are a bit tight financially, but I really want to do this HCG weight loss program. Do any of you use the homeopathic drops? For the most part, they’re less expensive, so that helps me out some, but I’m reading a lot of mixed articles on it.

The reponses in the main were positively in favor of HCG ultra as a cheaper alternative.
“The drops are amazing. I used them and did very well”
joerare HCGweightlossforum.

“the injections ….. way more expensive than getting the drops and doing this on your own

monkey66 HCGdietcommunity
If you were ever going to buy HCG Ultra,now is the time. They are giving 2 bottles free and other gifts like a pedometer, so I would recommend that you go to the official site as soon as possible.



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